Water recycling plant (Thickner), needed for sand and gravel plants

Thickner is used in the industries to separate dissolved solids from the water and reuse the water.

Most of these devices are used in sand and gravel industries, to minimize the water consumption for washing.

Other Thickner applications in the industry:

  1. Coal mining industry
  2. Iron Ore Mining Industry - Copper - Gold and....
  3. Residual phosphate
  4. Sand mining
  5. ...

In sand mining, sand is washed with water. We provide recycling machine with two objectives:

1- Purification and recycling of water, and returning it to the sand washing cycle , which leads to :

  1. Avoid wasting water by 90 percent recycling
  2. No need for the creation of waste water and sewage which subsequently increase the useable mines space
  3. Supply enough water for better washing of the material and reduce congestion of the screens and increase in production quality.
  4. Reduced water uptake by deep wells and decrease in depreciation and energy consumption.

2- Recycling of useful bits of sand that were discarded in the old system.

Possibility of reclaiming and separating 2 grades of fine:

  1. Particles smaller than 20 microns, depending on the type of mineral soil, usually is clay
  2. Particles larger than 20 microns in size, which is useful and necessary component of sands mines’ production

Towzingar Thickner is manufactured in capacities of 100, 200, 400 and 600 cubic meters per hour.

The main components include:

  1. Muddy water inlet tank
  2. Water Pump
  3. Hydro cyclones
  4. The main reservoir
  5. Polymer Injection System
  6. Mud pump Trailer