Continuous production of cold asphalt

This device is capable of producing two types of products:

  1. Cold asphalt: mixture of emulsion bitumen and aggregates in specific sizes
  2. Sub Base: a combination of recycled asphalt and aggregates in specific sizes with water and cement.

Towzingar’s CMC device is produced in capacities of 120, 240 and 360 tons per hour:

  1. Cold aggregate silos
  2. Conveyor No. 1 (below cold silos)
  3. Conveyor No. 2 (continuous weighing system)
  4. Mixing Tower
  5. Cement Silos
  6. Cement screws
  7. Cement scale
  8. Water tank
  9. Water Pump
  10. Emulsion bitumen tank
  11. Emulsion bitumen Pump
  12. Final product conveyor